101 things you have to try before leaving Budapest

I love Budapest and I feel sorry for not visiting the city in the last 5 years. I can say to myself that once upon the time I was able to visit Budapest every 3-4 months, as often as I visit now London or Antwerp. I have good memories not only from Budapest, but from my trips around Hungary and there will be many opportunities to visit back in the coming months.

Till then, I followed a nice presentation about Hungary at the ITB, by representatives of the Hungarian Tourism Board – the details, later. As I am in a big hurry before going back to the Fair for fishing new subjects, I will only mention a genius idea about 101 things you have to try before leaving Budapest. (The only small little problems: the print is too small, the quality of the paper is terrible).

Some of the ideas:

– Feel like a kid in the Palace of Wonders

– Cooking course weekend in Rosinante Inn  on Szentendre Island – an unforgettable place

– Creep into the wardrobe in Sirus teahouse

– Check out the monkey on the tree in Doboz

– Climb up to the dome of the Buda Castle

– Travel by train to the Skanzen in Szentendre

– Survey the old Budapest photos by Citadella

– View the Egyptian exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts

– Buy candy-floss in the front of the Budapest Great Circus

– Night walk along the Duna promenade

– Drink an unicum (Hungarian specialty, favorite drink of Franz Joseph I) in Zwack Museum

– Eat hard boiled egg and drink the wine of the house in Grinzingi

– Buy roasted chestnuts at Oktogon and take a walk in the floodlighted Andrassy boulevard

– Taste Jewish-Italian fusion food in Yiddische Mamma Mia

– Buy a nice warm Hungarian designed ille-olla coat

– Cog-wheel train and Children’s Railway




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