On the road in Berlin – at the ITB 2013

I have dozen of posts from my latest trips to Poland and London, and interviews and another features. But I am busy now gathering another dozen of stories for the next posts. I am an accredited blogger at the ITB 2013 so I am travelling in 5 days around the globe, without paying anything and receiving in exchange lots of leaflets. 

I wrote more about my latest journalistic experience on my Berlin blog: http://foreignerinberlin.blogspot.de/2013/03/itb-berlin-here-i-am.html. 

The rest will arrive slowly slowly in the next days – or maybe 12 months – when I hope to be able to organize my writing and my work-for-profit activities in a way that will let me write fast and good. This ITB experience will also help me to better focus on my travel projects and who knows, one day I will not need to complain that it is too late to write another travel post because tired of my daily work, that provides me the founds to cover my travel adventures around the world. 

What can I do is to promise a lot of new and interesting posts in the next 2 weeks, before a new travel is scheduled. Will be back very soon!ImageImageImage

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