Trip planning

I must confess that, even in the everyday life I am very well organized person, planning and scheduling carefully every minute, when it comes to travel, I love to be spontaneous. As long as I have sufficient resources, I want to take the freedom of making a reservation for my next bus or plane after maximum 60 seconds of thinking. 

Of course that I have my own objectives, like the cities and countries I would love to visit this year or the next and when it comes to going to Asia, I need to take time for vaccinations and reservations in due time in order to get the best prices etc. But basically, even if I make a reservation from now in six months, the decision to do it will be most probably spontaneous.

This happened with my next trip – about which I promise to write at the beginning of the next week: while e-mailing with a friend of mine who will visit one country away from mine for a couple of days, I asked when he will be in the closest town from me. As he will be there on Sunday for a couple of hours, in less than 5 minutes I made a reservation and with a little bit of help we will meet soon. It will be a very exhausting trip, as I travel by a bus who will bring me to the destination 4 o’clock in the morning and will bring me back the next day at 2 o’clock in the morning, but I am ready to see again a place where I spent quite a good week-end two summers ago.

Till then, it is a lot to be done and many hours of sleep to be scheduled!


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