Sick and travel? Some basic advice

As my short terms projects of trips and local reporting are somehow threatened by a rebel flu, I will dedicate this post to my worries and bothering caused by some accidental cough and a dizzy and tired state of mind. 

One of my most dangerous enemies when on the road is the headache. Because sometimes I have a long road ahead, with only a couple of hours of sleep and a lot of emotions before seeing a new place and new and old people and suddenly, the danger is here. It starts before I am aware of it and it ends a couple of days later, when eventually I am already back home. My most effective weapon is the painkiller: I hardly go anywhere without it and I wil take as many as I need until the headache is gone. And, of course, I will drink as many coffees as I should before it disappear out of my head. I have terrible memories of days when I needed to sleep at least a couple of hours before embarking on the journey because my head simply could not take my busy schedule. It is disgusting, but I cannot do anything but take the painkiller.

For various cases of flu, I have on my some basic medicine. Usually, I do not trust too much the local medicine and I better use my solutions from home. Especially, for allergies – another hidden enemy – I take always with me the same pills. The allergies taught me a very good lesson in life and I prefer to eat only food that I am familiar with and preferably cooked according to the highest standards of hygiene and purity. 

And because I know that I cannot prevent everything, if I am heading to a completely unknown destination, without any knowledge of the language and without anyone with whom to get in touch in case of emergencies, I make a list of the some English speaking emergency medical services. This is a must when you travel with children, as there are always unexpected events that may take place. 

Honestly speaking, besides the headaches, I did not face special emergencies while on the road, with or without children, but does not mean that I am less cautious. I want to have fun and enjoy my trips and I prefer to spend one more hour on planning and some extra money for buying the proper medicine than to destroy my precious time later instead on focusing on the journey.


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