Good and very good kosher eating out options in London

I rarely follow restaurants review, aware of the fact that when it comes to food – and shoes – you can rarely make everyone happy. And this is available if you are looking for healthy kosher food in one of the most expensive cities in Europe – if not in the world.

However, I took the chance of being in a place where there are (a lot of) kosher restaurants and tried to have as many experiences as possible, even though most probably I would like to return at least at one of the places I already have been.

I wanted to be sure that everything is fine at Pizaza and I stopped over once again for tasting the delicious four cheeses pizza. As usual, unforgettable, crowded and enjoying a high-end customer service.They well deserve the tips.

Simply Scrumptious, in Edgware, is a nice family business, with a lot of customers and a lot of Israeli-style meals – hummus and salads, among others, plus pita. What I enjoyed here was a carrot and banana juice, fresh, healthy and not so expensive. They have many vegan and vegetarian dishes as well. The maintenance of the toilets is minimal, though.

I love to cook, but some meals are designed only for professionals. For instance, the duck. I tried twice till now, and there were no results so I will always long for a good taste of duck, prepared and served with some fresh salads. My dream turned to be more than real when I discovered Yum Yum in Golders Green. They have good music, nice prices, delicious ducks and good service. The toilets aren’t their strong point though, but maybe they will improve it till the next time when I plan to have another duck meal at their place.

I answered the sweet temptations of Isola Bella for the second time. The last time, it was the creative Mozart cake. This time, a heavy version of Dolce de leche. The place suits the needs of big families and moderate budgets – London standards – and besides the rich-in-proteines and good lucking cakes, there are also various other dishes that can be considered by the hungry customer. 

Last but not least, the revelation of my trip to London was the unforgettable meal I tasted at La Dolce Vita, in the close vicinity of Solomon Hotel. I was told that one of the best time to be here is during the summer and spring. The place can be hired for big celebrations as they have a big covered place that could host around 40 persons, or even more. The meals are Mediterranean style, with a lot of salads, delicious (very delicious) fish meals and salads with enough olive oil to make you unhappy when living. The prices are moderate to high, but there are many tempting and more than affordable offers for children, aimed to answer the demographics of the area. Everything is clean, nice, the service is careful and well done. Mouth watering memories that can diminish aimed to help me to survive the next weeks of intensive work till my next meeting with my dear London and its hidden treasures from Golders Green.







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