Travel without a camera?

I have no idea how I survived traveling all over the world without a camera. But the naked truth is that it happened and not only once, but almost for 3 years very rich in travel experiences. For instance, if ever asked to show pictures about my wonderful time spent in Japan I will bluntly answer: I don’t have any, at least not taken by me. I discovered once an old photo from a cocktail party, but it was a careful companion who made it. 

The question is ‘why’? With a simple yet elaborated answer: I wanted to rather focus of discovering the world with my own eyes, instantly, and keeping the memories of sounds and colours in my mind, without relying on the memory of the camera. Thus, I was almost forcing myself to focus on getting the best of each moment instead of a superficial look while trying to find the ‘right angle’. This is why sometimes I feel that I can easily write a full book about my year in Japan, without planning too much my words or too much research, because everything is well hidden and still fresh in my mind. 

But at the time I was not a travel writer – although at a certain moment I wrote a couple of articles about life in Japan, but rather from the sociological and philosophical point of view – and was not the hostess of a blog. Due to the current circumstances, I carry the camera everywhere and it is not easy sometimes to select the right one for my blogs. The decision to buy a professional one, 3 years ago, was a considerable investment – it was shortly followed by a little disappointment, as two days after the purchase and one day before a fabulous trip to Corsica, something went wrong and needed to beg with watery eyes the customer service to fix the problem in less than 6 hours. 

As usual, I consider that both sides of the coin were beneficial for my travel and writing careers. But to be honest, I prefer the rich opportunities of the travel with the camera on my shoulder.

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