Kensington in a December afternoon

I’ve heard that it is snowing in London and I am getting ready to check the weather conditions by myself. Hovewer, when I visited it last at the end of December, it was mild and with a lot of green spots in the park. It rained for a while, but this is how everyone imagines London, isn’t it? Although, honestly, compared to Berlin, I think I spent more shinny days when visiting London than when living for one month in Berlin.

As I did not plan to stay for more than 3 days, I booked a nice and very cheap hotel in Kensington, House Aparthotel. Very good located, so nice personnel – they even helped me to print the schedule of coaches to Stansted and offered to give me an adaptor for the dying cell phone – and clean. The room is small, but it is the problem – at least my problem – with all the hotels I’ve stay in this city. I’ve been here more than 5 times and each time, I needed to plan carefully my moves because of the lack of space. What I did not enjoy too much was the breakfast, held in a crowded room, but the personnel was very careful, always trying to help the early hungry tourists to have enough slices of bread and cheese. Sometimes, it is enough for starting a busy day of travel

The part of Kensington where I temporarily lived is very quiet, almost as quiet as my bourgeouis corner of Berlin. If not other options in mind, most probably I would love to rent an apartment here one day. I did not check the prices for the rents, but most probably, the rooms are high and big and with less than 1000 Euro the month you can hardly find a decent space. When browsing the offer of apartments in many corners of the city I had quite a shock as I forgot completely how it is to pay real money for modest housing.

The busy shopping area is ten minutes away, in Shepperd’s Bush and the buses can lead you anywhere you want in London. There is not too much traffic and not too many bars and clubs in the immediate vicinity and thus, if you are tired after months of hard work, you can spend an early evening in bed without being bothered by party people. The architecture is sober, yet more creative than the strict lines of many of the Berlin houses. Actually, in terms of opportunities for architecture tours, London is the perfect place in my opinion, because you can feel the touch of the old school of architecture and plus, the city kept a certain continuity over time and history and you can read the history of the city more easily than in the case of the hectic Berlin.

But anyway, it is a healthy corner of the classic British style, both in terms of living and of style. I did not see too many children on the streets, rather serious people in their 50s-60s. It is supposed to be a good area for middle class people, with a good standing but without too many worries about their bank account. During my next trip to London I will stay at a different end of the city, but in an area where I will always feel at home. More about this, in the new posts in the next weeks.


DSCN3402 DSCN3552 DSCN4071





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