Eating local: the experience in Israel

Only a couple of days after I’ve read about an interesting project aimed to share culinary experiences to travellers – more in a next post – I stumbled upon another challenging idea focused on food: if you are on the road in Israel, you can experience the food and enjoy the local hospitality. If you live there and you are ready to host people and give them an idea about what culture and local food mean, you go to EathWith and register. The tourist will register, will pay a minimal prize and enjoy his or her time. The guests can pick up the type of food they are interested in: from kosher to various local cuisines.

There are many things I love a lot about the idea: the potential for cultural diplomacy, the chance offered to many people to taste the local experience at a very convenient price, the business potential for local people.  Culinary tourism is developing tremendously lately and more and more people want not only to taste local foods, but also to learn the history of local foods. From this point of view, Israel is the best place for such experiences, due to the high diversity of cultures and the tasty cuisine.


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