Book review: How to travel full time

Travel nowadays is not more a dream that you will fulfil after you retire and then your big achievement will be a short trip Imagearound your country – ok, if you live in the States, it may be a great achievement, anyway. More and more people, at different ages and with different family status decide to relocate at least once every 4 years. It may be the economic situation, or the curiosity or the need to discover new worlds and cultures.

But, do we know how to do it? And, if we are set to travel full time, do we know all the small little tricks that will make our life possible when abroad. Colin Wright, a young entrepreneur always on the road, wrote a book with wise advices about how to plan the details of a long journey.

The book is very well written, but don’t expect travel stories. Instead, you will have a lot of travel wisdom about: how to plan your trip, banking details, using the social networking for getting in touch with local people and get immersed into the local culture, what to take in your bag – and what not – how to use photography. The reader will find links and a lot of personal resources that offer a bigger picture of the risks and expectations one must have before going on the road.

Besides a lot of practicalities that I will carefully consider the next time when I am packing – meaning in two days time – it is the encouragement to share as much as possible the thoughts and experiences: ‘Traveling long term will expose you to a lot of new concepts, colors, ideas, people, experiences and foods. Why not document some of these things so that others can learn along the way like you do?’


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