My best pizza experience outside Italy

The 25th of December, in the evening, in London/Golders Green, I was craving for a hot pizza. I have been told more than once about Pizaza and when the other options were carefully analyzed and refuted, this was my only chance for a healthy, affordable and pleasant late evening meal.

The place is quite well known and expect some minutes of waiting until you will find a place. It is a favorite destination for families with children, as the prices are more than affordable: from 5 t0 10£. The service is very fast, and very friendly. For instance, I’ve ordered a gorgeous broccoli soup and a cheese pizza, and the last option was brought first. However, they were friendly enough to keep the pizza warm till I finished the soup. The leftover pizza was packed and one day after was still delicious.

In addition to the food, you have a long list of milkshakes and aperitifs and other sweet delights that you may hardly imagine. Everything is kosher and you have also a special corner where you can wash your hands for netilat yadayim.

In case that you are too hungry and you want to order immediately and no one around, you can use the touch screens on the side of your table. The same option can be used if you want to make some suggestions.

Curious to try? Your slice of pizza is waiting for you at Golders Green 100, maximum 10 minutes of slow walk from the Tube station Golders Green, on the right side of the road. The next time I will be there I promise to take some tasty pictures.


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