GOL is expecting a challenging year


For this year, I  have a lot of editorial surprises to my readers, one of them being an extensive coverage of the services offered by the airline companies. A couple of days ago, I addressed a couple of questions to a lot of airline companies about their plans for 2013. My questions were:

1. What do you want to offer to your passengers this year?

2.      What do you think it will be your biggest challenge so far?

3.      Any new destinations that you intend to include in your portfolio?

4.      What will be the best season for discounts in 2013?

Here are the answers sent to us by the representatives of an intelligent airline company – GOL. More to come in the nexty days and weeks.

GOL was created in 2001 in Brazil, but in ten years succeeded to be one of the most profitable airline companies in the world. It offers a variety of flights within Brazil, but also to many destinations from Latin and Central America:

Simpler services for the customers

‘We expect a challenging year. The Company’s focus will be on providing to our customers simpler services and processes added to a better travel experience. We will continue to carefully evaluate opportunities to answer the demand for leisure travels, offering seats with lowest prices for advance purchases, and also evaluating the flights’ frequency and routes that have a contribution to our route network.

New destinations: Miami and Orlando

Recently we announced the beginning of regular flights to Orlando, Miami and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The new flights will be daily, from Guarulhos (São Paulo city) to Orlando and from Rio de Janeiro to Miami, with a stopover in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), where passengers can change aircraft depending on their final destination. Ticket sales for these flights began on October 26.

Attractive fares for everyone

Attractive fares have always been part of our company policy, so it will remain in 2013. As a competitive company, GOL is always looking for improvementsand opportunities that add value to our brand and benefits our customers. A hint to buy airline tickets with a lowest price is buying round trip tickets anticipated, remaining at least 10 days at destination”.


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