Why do I travel?

Since one week, I am thinking about a post that will explain why people are travelling, but just a couple of seconds ago I decided that I better write why I am travelling, as I have over 90% of the motivations many would mention as their reason to do it.

– Since I first got my passport – I was 17 then – my life plan was to go out of my country of residence at least once the year. Now, if I am away only once the year – a very rarely encounter, anyway – I feel a deep frustration. To compensate, I do a lot of travels in small towns and to see the countryside and some unexpected corners of my current town of residence at least once the month, or the week. In this case, travel is a state of mind.

– I had the priviledge of learning many foreign languages and when I am on the road, I use at least two of the languages I have in my pockets. Wish that one day I have enough time and financial resources to go for a couple of months to study abroad a language I would love to start from scratch or improve. Travel is also an occasion to learn a new language.

– And each language is an open window to the history and culture of a corner of the world. My trips always include some historical sightseeings, but also some cultural immersion: I go to a theatre – if I understand the language, or an exhibition, or I simply look at the architecture of the buildings and try to understand the urban policies. A stop to a local bookstore is obligatory, and ofen I should be careful to stop buying too many books that will overcharge my bill when back on the plane. If I hear about a certain exhibition or cultural event expected in the next months, I look in time for the best options that will allow me to participate. I had the priviledge to visit a couple of European Cultural Capitals in the last years, and hope to continue this good habit because in such cases, I can have the best view of the culture of a country. Travel was often my best education.

– Sometimes, I would put aside the intellectual wanderings for getting in touch with real people. I do the usual people watching when I use the public transportation – cabs are recommended only when I am on a business trip, which does not happen too often lately – or when I go to have a coffee somewhere. I talk as often I can with people and if I know someone living in the country where I am travelling too – this happens very very often – I prefer to call that person and beg for some local immersion. By travel, I make new friends and I know how people really are.

– My latest culinary passions increased the interest for local cuisine, fruits and vegetables and various extraordinary recipes. I long for a couple of good cooking classes taught by local chefs and part of my latest writing assignments are historical stories about different cuisines – right now, I document the Canadian cuisine, almost unknown for me. Travel will bring me close to my objective of being a better chef and an even better food writer. 

– For a good couple of years, I was travelling for business purposes too: in one week I was in at least 5-6 locations, very often without realizing where I was exactly. It was a different side of the world that was opening to me then: glamorous cocktails and parties, elegant discussions and a lot of nice dresses. It was a nice time of my life, but I will prefer the quiet schedule and my autonomy in doing as much as I can what I really want to do out of my time when on the road. At the time, travel was a way to make businesses. 

– It is not unusual that I schedule my travel when I need to put myself on trial. In such cases, I prefer to be alone, only me and a map. I did a lot of mountain hiking – the last time in Corsica, two years ago. I want to get lost and find the right way and get out of my usual shell. Almost always, travel is the best way to put myself on trial. 

Honestly, I can find at least another 200+ reasons to explain why I travel. I can’t live without  travel.

With a new travel on sight and a lot of travel writing scheduled for the next days here or on my Berlin blog, I should do my best to be the witch of time management.

Happy writing, but don’t forget to be yourself. Travel will help you a lot to discover who you really are!


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