The secret to a well organized trip to Madrid

I visited Madrid three years ago, in February, and the smell of the spring was in the air. I did not want to run too far away of the capital city, even I spent more than three days here. Usually, when I stay in a place for more than 48 hours, I am very tempted to book a little trip somewhere outside the city, but I was not for the first time in Spain and I was pretty tired to get ready for a tour de force. Or maybe I was not allowed to, I don’t remember exactly.

At the time, I had my own printed guide and I went to see the main attractions: Prado, the Royal Palace, a culinary tour, some nice cookies and a lot of street wandering. Lucky those who can plan their trip up to the information updated permanently to You will find there not only a lot of basic information about what you can’t miss when visiting Madrid, but also various details about the schedule of the most important festivals and happenings expected in the next months.

You will know where to eat, shop and have a tour without spending too much time with the documentation. You have everything you need in one single place!


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