Lost in the airport

More than 6 years ago, I missed my flight because the night before I partied a lot with one of my best friends and she missed the right time to wake up, get the make up and arrive in time at the airport. It was the first time ever I was in such a situation, after a life of at least monthly travels.

Apparently, the sleep plays an important role in my relationship with flights. A couple of days ago, it happened again, for one of the most stupid reasons ever: being too tired to spot the right gate. After 4 hours of sleep in 48 hours, you can’t expect more, but 120 £ later and a couple of hours of delay, I realized what a looser I can be. The flight from Berlin to London was less than 100£. Hopefully, I had enough money on me to afford the rapid purchase of a new Ryanair ticket, the only company with more than one flight to Berlin from Stansted. In addition, they were the most polite and open to help a lost passanger, compared with other local options having added the word ‘German’ at their brand. Their loss, not mine. 

The lesson of the trip: never book an early flight when you plan to stay awake for hours in advance and if you do it, focus your energy and linguistic capacities to get the right directions. Avoid sleeping in the airports unless you are not at gate leading you to your comfortable bed. Check in advance your budget and keep some money for special emergencies. Be aware of the possibilities available to you in case that you will miss your flight. This could happen even to the most organize person in the world – my other middle name – thus, be able to go fast beyond the moment of shock that yes, indeed, this is happening to you too. Try to use your time in the best possible way, as for instance browsing the possibilities of free publications, organizing your blog posts and your writing career for the next 12 months and, why not, putting on trial your linguistic capacities. Finish reading all your books for the trip, have a coffee and smile. Travel is about discoveries and surprises and it is never too late to take a new challenge.





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