Practical tips for travel writers

I am sure and sad that, at least for the moment, this blog isn’t at all what it should be a successful travel blog, as I cannot find too much time for the time being to record my gorgeous trips from all over the world. However, my readers should believe me that I have this in my mind at least once the day and I am trying to read and write as much as I can in order to win some free time to do it – sooner or later.

Till then, I will share some nice and interesting ideas and links about travel and the career of travel writers in general.

First, there are some 25 tips that the participants at the Getaway Travel Blog Conference discussed lately. It is about being honest, a good and engaged travel writer. I said to myself that I should hurry up to become one of those nice bloggers invited to conferences from all over the world.

But, as a travel writer you might need to cope with many bureaucratic aspects of your travel, here are a couple of interesting advices about what you should do for meeting the high-end visa requirements.

Happy writing day and hope to be back soon!




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