Ready for summer travel?

Many of us can’t wait the gorgeous summer time to plan and enjoy a pleasant time outside the usual schedule. It is time to travel, my friends and the world is big yet small that you can hardly find the time in the next time span of 1,000 years to see it all.

On the other hand, the public opinion is more and more sensitive about improving the quality of our trips. For instance, ecological travel is mentioned when it comes to finding the perfect ways for reducing the level of pollution. Let’s say: instead of flying from Berlin to Munich by plane, I prefer a more ecological solution and take the bus or the train. In this specific case, I will pay at least twice if I want to fly go by train and in addition, I should be ready to spend around 30 hours on the train. When time is precious, you prefer the fastest and cheapest solution, isn’t it?

Plus, when you want to reach far corners of the world, the air plane is not only the fastest, but also the most secure way of transportation. If I plan to go to Africa from anywhere in Europe, the transportation by train, boat or camels will not only require a complicated travel insurance configuration, but also many security warnings, as I might go through areas presenting specific safety risks. 

Long time ago I’ve dreamed about going to America on the boat, repeating the experience of many immigrants from Europe that tried to reach the shores of the New World in the 19th and 20th century. Shortly after a traumatic experience on a boat on the Mediterranean, when I lied sea-sick for hours, I decided that I should give up my Romantic experiences. I also dreamed about going by bike across Europe, but I decided that I should not use all my energy riding and I prefer to find a slow and practical way to see what I am interested.

Does it mean that I do not care about the environment? I do care and I try to reduce my footprint at home and reduce the pollution with simple steps and a healthy life. But I also think that if you love to travel, you should be happy to live in the 21st century, while trying to use this advantage wisely. 

Wish everyone a happy summer of travels!


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