Book review: Blue River, Black Sea

As my travel book is advancing in snail’s pace, I am looking for more inspiration and motivation to continue my writing in other people’s books. In my home library lied unopened a travel memoir along the Danube, by Andrew Eames: Blue River, Black Sea. It was a good choice filling my time on the road in Eastern Europe and a more than pleasant lecture where you will find a lot of history and living history – I enjoyed a lot the encounters with heritors of noble titles, ironic vizualizations of “has beens” forced to adapt to a normal 21st century life. The attention for geographical, sociological and anthropological details is wrapped in an inspired journalistic appearance. Thus, you don’t even realize how you are jumping from a hundred of pages to the other lot. The lecture is dense, far of being facile, but pleasant and interesting for somebody interested more than strict touristic information. Openly speaking, I enjoyed so much the lecture that at the end I was terribly sorry as I found enough inspiration and good ambiance to continue my writing. Most probably, will do it intensively the next days, unless I will not find another interesting travel book around…


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