Mind travel with Bruce Chatwin

As in the last week I am not either traveling nor writing – but this situation will not last for too long – I am enjoying the pleasure of rediscovering the joy of reading travel books. When I was a little kid, I was always charmed by the wonderful travel accounts of writers and travellers from all over the world. In some of the wonderful places I’ve read about I had the chance to go by myself. Others – and a painfully long list is following – are waiting for me.

One day I am planning to write myself one or two travel books. For instance, I am trying to learn about style, perspective, personal voice and the hard business of publishing. The help for the two lines come from Bruce Chatwin’s books I am delighted to read word by word. The lesson: in order to write a good travel book you don’t need to limit yourself to descriptions and touristic information, you need to have style, education, to know the history and the culture of the place; also, to introduce the human factor through dialogues and human footprint, as reflections of the spirit of the places.  Thanks to him I introduced more places on my waiting travel list.



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